What We Do

We aim to give our clients the best services, and to give our talents the best opportunities.

So, we spend our time connecting with the best tech-savvy talents in the industry, whether it's in IT Developement, Digital Media, and some other vertical markets. We love to meet our candidates face-to-face, get to know them personally, and figure out what our talents can do and what they want to do.

The assessments of our chosen talents is done through several stages.

  • Interviewing and screening
  • Background check
  • Peer-reference check and verification
  • Summary of the annual package, benefits, motivations, achievements and goals in life
  • Guidance and advice during all interview stages
  • Follow-up during start date and introduction day
  • After placement reassessment meeting 
We are the specialist in strategic work force planning and talent management. We carefully screened the talents, seeking for the most suitable candidates beyond merely the their knowledge and expertise, before presenting them in ribbons and flowers to our clients.

We will be both on client's side and the talent's side, giving advice and consult every step on the way through the bumpy road of having the perfect talent. And hopefully after some interviews... Voila! We have the perfect match!

Yes, we are very passionate in what we do. So, shall we meet and have some coffee?